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Building & Deploying your first Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps are very much in use by some of the biggest companies like Twitter, Forbes, Alibaba, Instagram, Flipkart e.t.c and have gained popularity. Building a PWA is quite easy and simple. In this tutorial, we’re going to build a simple Progressive web app (A weight converter app). Let’s roll :) TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Starter files App description Building the UI Add JavaScript Functionality Build the Progressive Web App Deploy to Netlify Conclusion INTRODUCTION I’m sure by now you must have heard or read about Progressive Web Applications.

How to build a simple Progressive Web App with PWAFire and Deploy to GitHub Pages and Firebase.

Recently I discovered a new trend, a powerful web technology, one that every Web Developer should know, yeah I said every! I first heard about PWA’s few months back, and at first it was weird trying to understand the concept and then trying to learn it. I stumbled on a link that led me to PWAFire an Open Sourced framework that helps you to Build Scalable Progressive Web Apps/First Experiences.