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I write articles on web and frontend development.

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GitHub Student Developer Pack Demystified

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, but for most students, real-world tools can be quite expensive. That’s why GitHub created the GitHub Student Developer Pack to give students free access to the best developer tools in one place so they can learn by doing. In this article, I’d take you through: What is GitHub Student Developer Pack Contents of the pack Terms and Conditions How to apply for the pack Expiration and renewals Let’s roll :)

Introducing GitHub Linguist

The files and directories within a repository determine the languages that make up the repository. With GitHub, you can view a repository’s languages to get a quick overview of the repository. But how does this happen? What powers this repository language overview? In this article I would: Introduce you to GitHub Linguist How it works How to fix common Linguist issues How to use gitattributesto override Linguist :) How to use Emacs or Vim modelines to override Linguist How to contribute to GitHub Linguist Let’s Roll!

How to test a Pull Request locally before Merging.

In this tutorial, I would show you how to check, test and make changes to a pull request before merging. So your repository got a new Pull Request?, You don’t want to merge it before testing it out yourself locally on your machine. How do you go about it ? The pull request is available on this git ref pull/{ID}/head which you can fetch using this, where ID is the pull request id.

How to convert GitHub Markdown files to a simple website

Easy Markdown to GitHub Pages Introduction This little guide demonstrates how to turn any Github repository with a bunch of Markdown files into a simple website using Github Pages and Jekyll. You don’t need to use the command line or anything other than your browser. It doesn’t require any knowledge in Jekyll. It’s completely compatible with any bunch of markdown files you already have in any existing repository without any modification to those files.